“All I care is that my family, and my loved ones, understand me. Or that they understand me to a degree – I don’t understand me very much. And I don’t need the world to understand me. That is the most egocentric thing.” ~ Andrea Cor

Alright, I’ll take it from here, Bonner.

In time, much will be revealed about me, I’m sure.  First, let’s start with this:  I’m a moron.  At least when it comes to technology, I’m just not all that adept.  Left to my own devices, I would NEVER have become one of the dreaded “bloggers.”  Bonner understands me.  He KNOWS me.  He created this blog and everything appearing in it – except this post.  Thanks, Bonner.  To demonstrate my gratitude, I’ll re-name you soon.  Hehehe.

The second thing that should be revealed at the outset is that I’m truly a pathetic runner.  I mean, I’ve been running for over 20 years and I suck.  In my next post I’ll tell you a story about my last race.  You’ll want to read it.   It won’t be all that entertaining, I’m sure.  It will demonstrate for you that I’m not exaggerating my lack of ability.  I truly suck at running.  Unfortunately, I also love it.  I’m a pathetic runner.  Bonner created a heading for my PR’s.  I’m not even sure what that means.  If it means what I think it means; and, if I’m able to gather that data (which is doubtful) you, gentle readers, will all be shaking your heads in agreement, “Yeah, this guy DOES suck.”

Here’s the real deal:  I love to run and I love to write (something that I can only do only marginally better than running).  In my last job I developed a small following of folks who ran with me and who read about  my exploits pounding the pavement. This blog is intended to simulate that, to a degree.  It won’t be identical because I find myself running alone in my current circumstances.  Also, in my new life I find myself a bit more “liberated” to write what I want as opposed to writing that I can get away with.  It won’t be my intention to offend anyone, but the real “me” is likely to emerge in a little bolder way.

In my hubris, I’m willing to assume that I might pick up a few followers who know nothing of me or my history.  Cool.  If you comment on a post, I will reply.  Hopefully I can bring you up  to speed on all of the oddities that are me.

So, prepare yourself.  I ran an 11.5 mile race (10 nautical miles) this past Sunday.  When next we meet I’ll regale you with stories from that most excellent adventure.  Until then, it is with best wishes that I sign off as “PR”



One interesting thing about greed is that although the underlying motive is to seek satisfaction, the irony is that even after obtaining the object of your desire you are still not satisfied. The true antidote of greed is contentment. – The Dalai Lama


I am greedy.  I think all of us who have ventured to The Pathetic Runner’s blog are.  I have been hoarding the PR’s emails – I even made a folder in my gmail for the sole purpose of stashing them away.  And folks, if you’re like me then the PR’s last email (while a fine email by any measure) left me … unsatisfied.

So for all of those unsatisfied former email recipients and current readers out there, I have set up the Pathetic Runner Blog.  My work now completed, I turn the blog over to the PR himself (though I suspect that I will be called upon to teach the PR the obvious intricacies of blog formatting and maintenance – as pathetic a runner, he is even more a pathetic blogger).

I can only hope, as we all do, that we remain unsatisfied as the Pathetic Runner regales us with his running exploits.  May he continue to plod this path, for it is the thought that the PR will never stop running and writing that leaves me content.

Before I come off as cruel (too late?) it may or may not come as a surprise to learn that I did not dub the Pathetic Runner his pseudonym; this moniker he gave to himself.