Introducing – “The Best Of” Series

As you may know, this blog originated because of a series of email that I sent over a nearly three year period. Although exceptionally silly, these email were intended to encourage my colleagues to join me in my runs. Today, I introduce the first of some of those email. This email from August 22, 2011, contains the first reference that I can find to my “pathetic” running abilities.

“I may be fat, but I’m slow.” ~ a T-Shirt I saw


What an awesome week of running last week. It’s been awhile since my last update, so here’s the gouge to catch you up – On Wednesday XO, LN1 “Afterburner” Burks and I went for a 4 mile run. That 4 miles actually turned out to be 4.25 (those fractions really add up when you total your weekly mileage). I don’t know if this was Afterburner’s first run since having undergone that little incident – you remember . . . childbirth??? I tend to think it was not her first run since then because, if it was, I’m really either pathetically out of shape or she is a prior Olympian!

I was on leave on Thursday and Friday. But on Friday, I went for a little jog with XO, CDR O, Too-Fast
and M Squared.

Too-Fast lived up to his name and reputation. He took off like someone was chasing him, made the turn around, and greeted us on his way back about the time I made it through the turn style leading off base. The rest of us kind of plodded along together, but I’m pretty sure that M2 was just being kind by throttling back (or maybe she was actually interested in my theory that Han Solo and Jabba the Hut were actually brothers who were separated at birth). I don’t know if anyone else was interested in my theory but I so lost track of time that we actually ran 8.75 miles! (See how those fractions add up?)

Today I plan on an easy 3-miler around base. Before you get all, “what a wimp!” on me – my goal for this week is 20 miles. Today is just to warm up the sore muscles from Friday and enjoy the day. I’ll be under my tree at 1115. Here is the route maproute=38859

I really hope you can join me.


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