If I had readers, they would be clamoring for an explanation.  “Where have you been?” they would ask.  “Why haven’t you been writing?  You abandoned me!  How inconsiderate that you would deprive me of your wit and wisdom for so long?”

I would owe my readers an explanation.  Even an apology.  If I had readers.  But, I don’t. . .

OK – relax!  So – here’s what happened . . . way back in October 2013, I ran the Cape Cod Half.  It was maybe the hardest half I’ve ever done and absolutely the one for which I was least prepared.  But, I finished.

I did it!

I did it!

I had a blog post ready to go regaling my non-readership with the race details, but then something happened.  Something predictable.  I knew it would happened.  I’ve seen it happen before.  In fact, it happens to me after every major race.  It was inevitable.  I descended into sloth.


I returned home and really just stopped running.  Oh, I had excuses.  At first I was sore and tired.  Then it was snowy and slick.    After that it was far too cold to run.  In the spring time I had so much to do outside around the house that I couldn’t fit in hardly a single run.  Then, something slightly less predictable happened.

I was mulching the bushes around the house and I experienced a strange sensation in my left bicep and behind my left shoulder blade.  It wasn’t really painful, but it WAS weird.  I quit working and just sat still for a few minutes and it went away and I forgot about it.  About a week later I had a regular check up with the doctor.  She asked me if I ever had any chest pain and I said no,  but described the incident that just happened.  She ordered a stress test.  I failed.  I was sent to have a heart catheter test.  The cardiologist couldn’t find my right coronary artery.  He sent me to have a CT scan of my heart.  It showed that I had a congenital coronary artery defect that is associated with sudden cardiac DEATH!  Because they regarded me as “symptomatic” with this defect, they recommended surgery.  (Three cardiologists, independent of one another, told me some version of, “You’re lucky to be alive.”   That’s a weird thing to hear when I felt so good).

So, they started by doing this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7RsB0BA4EI

Then, they transitioned into this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNApz7Jgdeo

And followed it up with something like this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCoB4yFNO2w

A day or so afterwards, I was on top of the world.


(I seriously don’t remember anything about this.  Have you ever heard of ICU Psychosis?  It’s a thing.  GTS (Google That Shit).  I had THAT.  There are some unfortunate videos bearing witness to it.)

That was 70 days ago today.  The stories of that experience are legion, but they are not the reason for this post.  Today, I’m writing because this afternoon, I did this:

Dec Run

I have a ways to go before I return to simply being a pathetic runner.  I’m somewhere far, far away from being that good.  I’m more like the runner who aspires to be pathetic.

I guess I have to start somewhere.  And, I avoided that whole “sudden DEATH” scene.  So, I’ve got that going for me – – – which is nice.

Stay tuned.  If I can stay off the couch, I’ll be writing more (even tho’ my readership is as pathetic as my running)!


P.S.  Check out the YouTube videos.  Fascinating stuff.


“Keep living life like there’s no tomorrow and you’ll be right sooner than you think.” ~ Demotivational Poster

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