“And I grow and change and I shift and I switch. And it turns out I’m actually kind of a bitch.” ~ Sara Bareilles (Sweet As Whole)

I work at the only place on the planet where conditions are such that I’m able to feel superior to other people.

I don’t like this about myself and I try to fight it.  I have no business feeling superior to anyone.

I KNOW it’s “WRONG.”  It’s UNJUSTIFIED and UNSUPPORTED by the facts.  It’s JUDGMENTAL, MEAN-SPIRITED, and CONDESCENDING. It’s ARROGANT. It’s EVERYTHING that I despise in other people when I see it.

These people are smarter than me – vastly smarter. They’re post-graduate educated scientists and engineers.

Science Gif

They’re also WAY COOLER than me. Obviously.

Our hope for a brighter future is pinned to their adorable, little pocket protectors.

Pocket Protector

Who knew SETI had their own pocket protectors? Really? What are the odds?

Still, when I go to the gym at work and see things like this, I can’t help it.  It make me feel . . . better.

Fitness Center 1 How fast do I have to run to escape a zombie attack?

Batman running

Must. Run. Faster. (Faster than Robin. That’s all. Just faster than Robin).

I simply have to outrun that guy and I’m zombie-free.  I think I’ve got this.

See?  Arrogant! – I’m just a bitch.

I'm Kind of a Bitch

I KNOW! I don’t like me much either!

I’ve run a couple times since my last post.

April 1 Run Map March 30 Run Map

I still suck. But . . . I MIGHT be getting a little better. I’m doing 5Ks. I still can’t do one completely without walking, but I THINK they’re getting a little better . . . they don’t hurt as much.

But, I’m probably wrong about that.  It might be that my brain is changing my perception of reality in the same way that my brain allows me to feel superior to people who are, objectively speaking, far better than me. Shallowly, I’ll claim my perceived superiority and improved performance as a WIN regardless of reality. Gotta take my wins where I can – even if I have to manufacture them in my distorted reality.



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